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The American Indian Dog
The Living Legend

Nobody knows where the Native Americans came from who lived in the North part of America, but there are two theorys about where their dogs came from;

First: The dogs came with the people from Asia or Second: the Native Americans tamed and bred the coyote with these dogs But its sure that these amazing Song Dogs already lived with the Native Americans 30,000 years ago,

The Indian Dogs were used as working dogs; for hunting, sledge dog, pack-dog, herding dog, guard dog and even as babysitter.

The Native Americans used to cross from time to time some of the song dogs with the coyote but you can not compare them to a recent hybrid breeding; Indian Dogs are loyal, intelligent learn fast, active, sensitive, and have a strong commitment to their owners.

Zoologists thought the Indian Dog was extinct around the 1900's but luckily there were still a few dogs alive in reservations. Kim La Flamme dedicated himself to save the Indian Dog against extinction. It took about 30 years but he succeeded! Thanks to Kim La Flamme's very good breeding program, these dogs still have the same natural and good character, intelligence,
looks and health that they had many years ago living among the Native Americans.

Now a days, these dogs are excellent sporting dogs too; like Flyball, Agility, sled dogs, and rescue dogs Over the last few years, the Indian Dogs have also came to Europe. In January of 1994, the first Indian Dog came to Europe to the Netherlands. There are now about 50 Indian Dogs in Holland.
People who are interested in these dogs should understand that these dogs are not for everyone. People who love nature and want to protect a bit of history, who can try to understand these dogs instincts and natural health will be considered to share their life with these special dogs.

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