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In writing about the significance of these very special animals, I must first admit that it is a very humbling experience. Because in doing so, I am reminded time and time again, that to most all North American Indian tribes, the spiritual meaning of the color white represents the most holy connection to the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, Tankashilah, or by the many other names by which the Creator is known. A symbol of purity, life, renewal, good, and peace. It is a color universally recognized as pure and representing good.



As rare and unique as the white buffalo, the birth of a pure white Indian dog pup is also seen by many tribes as a significant spiritual event.  Tribes all across the United States held religious rituals that revolved around these uncommon animals. The white color of the dogs was very rare, and viewed as something magical and mysterious, therefore a sign from the Creator of some special religious meaning. And they were thought to be capable of magical abilities.  These special sacred dogs were highly valued and raised specifically for religious ceremonies.  While their average colored siblings were often killed to allow the mother to better tend to the one white pup in the litter.  The women of several plains tribes sometimes raised the pups themselves as they would children. Even to nursing them as they would a newborn infant, and never allowed the animal's feet to touch the ground.  This was to keep the animal pure and clean for later ceremonial rituals.

Young dogs were often sacrificed and eaten by members of several tribes at the completion the Yunipi or sweat lodge ceremonies.  Many dogs were also often sacrificed by tribal elders and served to visitors as a token of goodwill and sacrifice to show their willingness to give a feast of their most prized, and special animals. This was considered a great honor to be invited to take part in the feast.  

In the many years of breeding and raising American Indian Dogs, Founder and Trustee, Kim Laflamme has only witnessed the birth of six of these very spiritual dogs.  The last two pups were born in conjunction with the births of the two most recent white buffalo calves! One on the same day as Miracle several years ago, and the other just recently within a week of yet another buffalo calve's birth.  Mere coincidence?  We think not!   Which proves why they are considered so special and significant.  Traits common to these white pups are blue eyes, which is believed to be the evidence of the Sky Spirit who inhabits these very special animals. 

Sky Spirit at 3 months

Sky Spirit, latest white A.I.Dog pup,
with Rebecca


 The Buffalo was the primary source of life to the plain’s Indian people. The animal provided for nearly all of their needs.  Meat, hides, bones, fat, hooves, horns, fur, and organs, provided the people with everyday tools, and clothing, shelter, weapons, utensils, and fuel. They were crucial to the survival for the nomadic tribes of the American west.  The Indian people believed that they were descended from the Buffalo, and referred to him as “Brother”.  The religious beliefs of the Plains tribes were all based around the presence of the Buffalo.  The Buffalo was believed to be a gift of the Great Spirit, and sent to them as a means for their survival. And represents the entire four legged family of creatures. Without the Buffalo, there would have been no chance of survival.  A fact quickly discovered by the army, settler’s, and other’s intent on taking the Indian's land, and exterminating them from the plains.

Out of the previous millions of animals, only a handful remained after the European onslaught nearly wiped them from the earth.  Fortunately, they have returned, and no longer face extinction.  In giving some insight to the relevance of these special white creatures, please understand that being born white in color is viewed as a very sacred sign that ancient Indian prophecies have come true in the eyes of many traditional Native Americans. These white four leggeds are messengers from the Creator telling us that he is among us, and that our prayers are being heard.  In order to understand these things, you must understand how all of these things are connected.  All of this is interconnected, and all things are connected to each other and form a complete picture. It has been told for generations that when the white buffalo calf returns, the Native American people will be healed as a people, and the wrongs committed against them for countless generations will be righted.  We will be strong and the land we now call America will be given back to the Indian people as the original caretakers and inhabitants of the North American continent.

These holy creatures are signs that the sacred hoop of the Indian people, once virtually destroyed, is now being healed and is becoming complete once again.   Many have heard the story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman. The mysterious holy woman who first visited the Lakota people and gave them the gift of the sacred buffalo calf pipe and the sacred rites that still govern Lakota spiritual belief. As well as the spiritual beliefs of many other Native peoples who now know and follow the sacred ways of the pipe.   The most famous calf in recent times, a white calf named Miracle was born in 1997 on a farm in Wisconsin. She has been visited by hundreds of Native Americans, and their spiritual leaders, and many non- natives, hoping to just get a glimpse of her. It is believed that prayers offered to her will be answered much in the same way, as Christians believe prayers offered to the Virgin Mary will be answered.  According to the oral traditions of the Lakota people, there have only been a total of nine of these sacred white buffalo calves ever born.  Their births are becoming closer together, which to some indicates drastic changes in the world we know.  Recent events in the U.S. would indicate that there is much truth in these prophecies.

Thanks to Pat Cummins for writing these great words on the

Latest White Buffalo Calf

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