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                            Song Dog Kennels – Purchase Agreement                

I, ______________________________________have had my interview with ______________________ of the American Indian Dog registry on this date: ________________________

I have researched this breed, to the point that I am sure that the American Indian Dog is the breed for me. I understand that it is a working, primitive type breed that needs exercise and a job to do, within a family or pack situation. In turn I agree to be good to the dog and I understand how to be a good Alpha pack leader, teaching my pup with kind, but 'tough' love.        I have enclosed my deposit with a money order or cashier's check for $425.00, which is one half the purchase price. I understand that my deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances. This is how sure I am that this is the breed I want. I also understand and agree that I cannot breed this American Indian Dog unless I become a certified American Indian Dog Breeder. 

I also agree that I will join the IIDOBA (International Indian Dog Owners and Breeders Association) after purchasing my pup and that I promise to register my pup with both the American Indian Dog Registry AND the International Progressive Dog Breeders Alliance and maintain those memberships for one year after the purchase of my pup.                           

I understand I can choose a male or female, but no color preference can be promised. I may pass on a litter if the right sex pup is not available, I also understand I can pass on a litter if I am unable to take care of a pup or dog for any reason at the time one becomes available. I will remain on the list until I have received my pup or dog.  

I understand that unless otherwise agreed upon, I will spay or neuter my
A.I.Dog pup.

I agree to return the pup or Dog to the registry if for any reason I am no longer able to care for it.                                                                              

Buyer’s Signature______________________________________________________



Phone _______________________________________________________________

e-mail address_________________________________________________________

Male: __________ Female: _______________

Color, if possible: ___________________________________________


Closest Major Air Port: (1) _________________________________________

                                    (2) _________________________________________

 We will send you your pending registration papers and pedigree for you to fill out with your choice of a name for the pup and other information. Please include three different choices of names. You will send the paperwork back to the Registry, and after registration we will return your fully registered American Indian Dog papers to you.

May you have many happy and magical years with your American Indian Dog.

Thanks -- Kim LaFlamme,
Song Dog Kennels