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This Native American Breed has been on several educational TV programs throughout the world…”Living With Animals”, “The Today Show”, Western Lifestyles”, and several local news channels, etc., and we are planning a documentary soon. There have also been hundreds of articles and books through the years written about this breed. Now, with the movement to have the breed become our National Dog, this can be both positive and negative for this rare “on the edge” type of breed. We want to share, educate and repopulate this genetically healthy and mentally sound special American Indian Dog breed. Through popularity and politics, most of the Popular big name breeds in big name registries destroy each breed as they become. We want the American Indian Dog breed to stay, as they were -- The Ultimate Mutt. If you are not willing to accept them for what they are, or are intent on improving them just to make them more popular, PLEASE don’t consider this breed. The American Indian Dog was never intended to be “little carbon copies” prancing around in a ring. You might be more interested in one of the more “politically correct” and “popular” A.K.C. type of breeds. Again I would like to state: This BREED Is Not For Everyone.

Although it is very loyal and trainable, capable of learning as much as the owner (alpha pack leader) is capable of teaching it. It is a high-energy, primitive type-working breed that needs “TOUGH LOVE” and a job to do, to feel it has a responsible place in the family group or pack. As this breed becomes more and more well known, we need more and more education to stop the “Puppy Mill” type, “Wolf” and/or “Coyote” hybrid breeders from trying to market their hybrids as American Indian Dogs. THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT and just because they may look somewhat alike, THEY ARE NOT at all the same. People need to know what they are getting. Most hybrids end up passed from one home to another or put down. Please be sure you get a REGISTERED AMERICAN INDIAN DOG. Ask for the breeders number, the litter number and check with us at the Registry before you purchase. Every American Indian Dog Breeder has to be CERTIFIED through the Registry to breed true American Indian Dogs. If you’re looking for a HYBRID, I can recommend responsible HYBRID breeders that will tell you that what they breed are HYBRIDS. Please enjoy the following research and information. I hope it will help people to understand what a true Native American Indian Dog is and the 1,000’s and 1,000’s of years of domestication and selective breeding it took to create and still have this primitive breed for modern man to enjoy. Through education and knowledge, maybe we can, for the first time, both save a breed from exploitation from the look alike PUPPY MILL HYBRID BREEDERS.

Kim La Flamme, Founder/Trustee of the American Indian Dog Registry and president of the International Indian Dog Owners and Breeders Association


The Registry now has approximately 450 dogs in the studbook at this time.

A couple of American Indian Dog owners belong to people involved in the Native American Rights organizations. Their work is dedicated to preserving and protecting the resting places of our Ancestors. Being Native Americans, and also A.I.D. owners, they understand that the study of the skeletal remains of the ancient dog has been vital in understanding the history, and evolution of these unique and culturally important animals. Although I absolutely do not support the desecration of Native American burial sites, a great deal of scientific knowledge has been gained about the ancient Indian dogs by examination of their skeletal remains found at these sites. At thousands of places across the U.S., many graves contain not only the remains of Native people, but with them, the forefathers of today's modern American Indian Dogs. These animals were obviously highly regarded by the deceased, and were sacrificed in order to accompany them on their journey to the Spirit World. We understand better now, that the American Indian Dog was held in great respect as a vital part of daily life and crucial to survival for the ancient Native Americans. Without these examples of remains to compare to, the knowledge of the breed, and the genetic DNA markers could have been lost forever!

Owners around the world stay in touch via the Internet about their American Indian Dogs, with a members only e-group sharing advise, research, training tips, and “lots of bragging!”


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