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Julie Padbury's first AIDog,Pepsi (above), is now competing in the highest level of USDAA dog agility--the "Masters", and her second AIDog, Tehya (below), is working her way up the ranks. Julie Padbury is teaching agility classes, for the
Columbia Agility Team

As the picture on the right shows, these dogs are happiest when working with their owners.

Hi Kim,
Our Kasha has grown into a fine dog and family companion! She will accompany us on a trip to Alaska this summer. She is patient, amusing, smart, sensitive and (finally!) obedient! We love her so much! The one time she chewed the carpet it was in the shape of a heart so I didn't even want to get it fixed ! Oh, and she never goes through the gate. She goes over .... only when given permission.
Thanks for a great dog!
Susan & Peter Banitt,
Portland, Oregon

Mountain agility Scottish ‘Stile’
Sheep herding AIDog in Scotland that enjoys jumping all the fence stiles.
(Left) Doubles – Dog Dancing – Nahnee (older one) & Jericho (pup), owners: The Garcia Family, Merlin Oregon

Hi to everyone on the owners forum,
I just had to take a moment to brag about my Kowi. I signed him up for a little dog show that was put on by our town and the local pet store. I was planning on just doing the obedience portion, but ended up doing the agility competition as well.
He had never done anything like it before. I ran him through the course two times for practice and he caught on SO fast. It really was amazing. He had to go through a tunnel, do jumps, weave in and out of cones, climb a wall..........He really even surprised ME!
He was about the 10th dog who went. I swear, he was checking out the competition. He sat very intently and watched the other dogs do the course. I could tell he was thinking............I can do that better!
When it was his turn, he did AMAZING! He was all business and you could just tell he wanted to win!


How amazing is that? The people who ran the show couldn't believe how fast he caught on. They also couldn't believe he was only nine months old! Everyone there told me what a natural he is!
Well, thanks for listening........I had to brag about my boy!
Janet & Kowi - 2003

Brachan Brachen

Agility Champion "Brachan", owned by Jan Kennedy.
18 years young, and still going very strong.