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American Indian Dogs with Jobs

Therapy, Service and Assistance Dogs

We are very proud of our service dogs with the Canine Angels, and as you can see, they are too. Canine Angels is a non-profit organization that trains dogs for disabled children. Our dogs learn to retrieve dropped items, turn lights on and off, open and close doors, etc. Most importantly, our dogs are a constant companion and best friend. Our hope is that the Indian Dogs with their loyal and loving nature towards children, their willingness to learn and their versatility, will become an important fixture within Canine Angels.

For more information contact:
Canine Angels Service Teams
Sandy Mays
(888) K9-ANGLS
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Kodie (top) is a Certified Therapy Dog,
owned by Jodi in Kentucky.

Quodi, happily showing his official jacket,
and (below), on the job.
Quodi lives with Jan Hall, in Florida.

Karen Knight's, very proud, rare,
long-haired AIDog Waya in his
Therapy Jacket. Waya is both a
certified therapy dog, and a
certified service dog.
Congratulations Waya and Karen.

Sophie & Fena have there Good Citizens awards.
Owner: Sheila Crombie, Minnesota.

Medicine Dog, owned by Dr. James Ottney, Spirit Falls, Navaho Reservation

To Kim La Flamme,

Both my wife and I have enjoyed Medicine Dog so much since you donated him to my family and the Doctors here at the Navaho Reservation. As you know, I am a teaching Doctor of modern medicine here at the reservation hospital along with the traditional medicine from the Tribal Medicine Men and Women teachers.

Medicine Dog has helped as our therapy dog with Navaho children in the hospital and our teaching with both the hospital staff and my wife in the schools. He has helped us tremendously to better make that connection with, patients and students. He has become a very spiritual being with the community and a true Medicine Dog in his own right with the people. We thank you so much for this amazing Medicine Dog Spirit that you have some how managed to save so that we can enjoy them into the future and help Native Americans to feel proud of their history. Here are some special pictures for you from some of the spiritual places from the Canyon De Chilli area that I understand you found dogs at years ago.

Dr. James Ottney, AZ. … Navaho Reservation