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American Indian Dogs with Jobs

Pack and Trail Dogs

Peyote Stone Dreamer

There is much history of the American Indian dog pulling Travois, and helping the tribe to move their belongings from camp to camp. Although the equipment has changed over the years, the modern American Indian Dog still helps his family by carrying a share of the weight. Left is little Peyote Stone Dreamer wearing her packs while hiking in Arizona with owners James and Mercy.

Below is one of our dogs hiking in the Grand Canyon. You will often see them stopping to smell the flowers.

Abby Abby

"Trail riding dog Abby (Obsidian), loves riding right up there on the saddle when I let her, as small as she is she can run right up my leg to sit up with me" ~Kim La Flamme
Abby, now retired, is riding the trails with owner, Eileen Vollertson, and their favorite horse Classic, in Crooked River, Oregon

Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix and Sterling

Above are Owners, Gavin D'Avanther and Cari Ebbert, hiking with friends and the lovely Phoenix, at Lost Creek Wilderness, in Co.

Left, is Phoenix and Sterling, Gavin and Cari's second AIDog, hiking in the Strawberry Mountains.
Gavin says," The pups carried their own food, leashes, boots, bowls, and blankets. As their food runs out, we have them carry the trash."

Hawk hawk

Above, at Silver Creek Falls State Park, Oregon, is Hawk, a seasoned hiker, with owner Lisa Sibernagle, and Catholic Campus Ministry college group for Western Oregon University. Next is a photo of young Hawk on his first hike with his packs. Just seven months old, he walked the full 6 miles to Detroit Dam, with his family, Lisa and Darin, and their Daughter, Rose. Rose now has an AIDog of her own--Chief
Right, are Hawk and Lisa, last summer at Fir Lake--a day of hiking and Huckleberry picking

Coyoté Coyoté

Coyoté Crow Dog hiking the High desert, at Hart Mountain Antelope refuge, in Oregon, with owners, A. Bond and B. Donohue, of Washington.
Below is Muriel Shaner's dog, hiking in the beautiful Vermont fall, and Kim's Retired, old breeding dog Dusty, hiking up the Rogue river with a gang of dogs

Rusty Coydo

Above is Rusty, retired stud dog, living on Catalina Island with Kim’s sister Laura McElroy. Rusty loves chasing buffalo, boating, camping and hiking to the different coves around the Island with the family.
To the right is Coydo, guarding the campfire.


Notice the petroglyphs behind AIDog Miley

Mr. La Flamme,
We just wanted to let you know that our puppy is doing great. Miley is truly a blessing to our family. She loves to go with us everywhere, is very intelligent and adapts quickly to everything we do. Everyone who meets her, thinks she's great. We couldn't be happier than the choice we made to get a pup from you. I've attached a few pictures of a hiking trip we took last weekend so you can see what she has become. She has done so much with us....hiked in the snow (she loves the snow), went with us when we go ice climbing, hiked up the side of the canyons, been inside a cave, back and forth through the creek, and with us to work almost every work day. Her obedience training is coming along nicely as well. At almost 5 months old, she does better than most of the mature dogs we know owned by family and friends.
We will take some more pictures of her for the registration papers and get them to you within a month.
Thank you again.
AIDog Miley – Owners Pamela & Shaun Veatch – CO.

Baingana Baingana

Baingana, enjoying a day of hiking in the Netherland snow, with owners Marcel and Belinda Gulikers

Mashan and Pequot sailing and hiking on the beach in Bermuda
Owner Clare Wood, of Bermuda

Peter Jesenak snow boarding in the Alps with his AIDog Coydo from Switzerland.
Coydo is one of the most experienced AIDog travelers. He has ridden cars, quads, trains, buses, planes, and had gone hiking, swimming, kayaking, sailing, packing, snow boarding, camping, etc.