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This is a picture of Chavez

I first met the AID at a big dogevent. I thought it was a beautifull breed. Then i asked for more information and i really liked the character of the breed. But i was still living with my mother and she is allergic so i waited. I got a behaviourcertificate for dogs, then i got my doginstructerscertificate and i start working folenterly at the local trainingschool K.C. Delft for one hour a week.

Then came the great moment Chavez was born. He was born at 19 septembre 2002. He is very intelligent, but gets bored easilly, he stayes very close to me. But as most other dogs at his age he can be selective deaf at some moment. He likes to fetch, he is crazy about swimming (he is like a Labrador) and he loves his bal. He was a handfull when he was about 4 months untill round about 6 months. He wanted to be in charge and i had some times that i would like to stick him behind the wallpaper ;-). I have had him castrated because he was riding on all the other dogs (dominant and hormone). That helped a lot. I trained him with food and his bal. I now began training him with a clicker and at this time i have got good results. We start Agility next week. He loves 'working' with me. Ones a week I ride my horse Caramba in a big park and Chavez runs on the side. He loves that. He is an very active dog. If i am sick he brings all his toys and doesn't stop trying untill i play with him. He is my friend for live, wherever i am he sticks by me. He is friendly for everyone. Although i am certain not for burglers. He is the dog i always wanted. I love this breed because its a working dog and it got temperament. I think you can compare them with the guts and strenght of a German Sheperd and the workingspirit and speed of a Border Collie. An ideal dog for me.

I hope that i will have very many years with him,

Cabiará Bos of Netherlands

Hi Kim,

As you know, Robert and I lost our beloved Maia in August of this year. We
felt no "regular" breed of dog could take her place in our home. I began an
intensive internet search and contacted several people who had hybrids and
rare breeds of various kinds. I found myself reading stuff that soap operas
are made of. (Sure had to meet this Kim guy, since he seemed to be the main
character catching all the flack <g>!!) Our trips to see you and Arlene made
us believers in the A.I.D and your breeding program. Thanks to you we have
our wonderful little Spiritt.

Marie and Robert

Howdy to everyone, I've been extremely busy doing frisbee dog shows lately and before I leave for the summer I wanted to tell everyone about where I will be throughout the U.S.A. this summer. First, as always my most
important thanks to Kim for helping save this breed from extinction and sharing his love and knowledge and thanks to everyone who has gone out of there way to see me at my shows and sorry to however it was in Portland who
has an Indian Dog who I did'nt get a chance to talk to? All the comments and support is very much appreciated. My new AID Skyliner is coming along great and the part of my show that talks about the AID's will now be that
much better with two. So, here's my schedule for the year (so far) If you
can make it to any of these locations it would be great to meet more new
obsessed AID owners like myself. May 22nd World of Animals/ Redmond, OR.-
May 28-29/Purina Incredible Dog Challenge/San Francisco, CA./USA Network -
May 31 Boulder Festival/Boulder, CO.- June 18-August 8th Dollywood Theme
Park/Pigeon Forge, TN.- August 13-14 Pet Star/Animal Planet- August 17-22
Upper Peninsula State Fair/Lansing, MI.- August 25-29 Northern Idaho State
Fair/Coeur D'Alene, ID.- August 30 Pet Star Finals? September 2 Portland
State University Football/Portland, OR.- September 4th My Wedding
Weekend/Bend, OR.- September 16-19 Iowa Fair/Waterloo, IA.- September 24-26
Skyhoundz World Championships/Central U.S.A.? October 15-17 Purina National
Finals/St. Louis, MO.?- November 12-14 Flying Disc Dog Open/Phoenix, AZ.
So, that's my tentative schedule for 2004. Look forward to meeting
everybody on the road and hopefully at the gathering. With my schedule in
August & September it does'nt look like I will be making the gathering this
year. Take care of all those beautiful Indian Dogs and always remember my
favorite saying "Fun, Fair and Firm" Have a great summer. J.D. & His K9
Kings. P.S. I will still stay on the group throughout the summer with my
handy laptop. Ruff, ruff to you later.

With regard to the American Indian Dog breed...all I know is that this (Prairie Dog) is positively the silliest creature I have ever met in my entire life!
I don't know exactly how you concocted him, Kim, but we are truly charmed by him and smitten beyond belief!

Victoria :)

Kim, you always continue to amaze me! That was a great email, explaining what has been going on. And I think that it is a good idea to file it somewhere for people to reference to. I have been involved with you and the dogs for almost three years now, (not an old timer like some on the list <G>) but I do know that this is not the first time that you have had to explain all of this. And it takes energy away from the focus of what you truely love, the American Indian Dogs. Oh, I can't forget the horses and cats. <G> It seems that with each challenge that we all come across with these dogs we get stronger and things get clearer to the people that truely want to understand. You have been thru more than most people would endure to bring this breed back, you grandfather was right, it was your destiny. Not many would have had the patience, knowledge and courage to do it! I truely feel honored to be a part of it all. Know that you have many that stand behind you and believe in what you
are doing. Keep up the great work!

Take Care,



Owner's Opinions

Owner's Opinions
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