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Hi Kim,

Happy New Year! Okiha and all my other 4-leggeds are hale and hearty. The Winter doesn’t seem to bother anyone.

I wanted to share some things about Okiha. I don’t know if they are typical of the breed so I thought to tell you, and maybe you can share your insights:

Okiha is high – energy, extremely enthusiastic, very affectionate, and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body (that’s ok, it’s the owner people have to watch out for!). He seems impervious to the cold. When its 20 below and blowing hard, I go out with him to feed and he wants to play fetch with the corral ball. If the temperature is above 40 degrees, Okiha likes to cool off by jumping in the water trough periodically. When I go inside, he wants to stay out and play with “his” donkey a while. They play chase games, tug of war with dog toys, and have learned each other’s language really well. When the little donkey brays, Okiha throws back his head and sings, and when the donkey rolls, Okiha does too. If Okiha is too enthusiastic, the donkey grabs him by the collar and throws him to the ground. Okiha sticks his legs up in the air, and looks away in submission, and the donkey lets him get up (certainly this is not donkey language). A minute later they are playing with the corral toys together. Every morning Okiha goes to greet my horse, who gently grooms him on one side, nudges him to turn, then goes down the other side. Okiha stands very still for this. Okiha’s hackles run the entire length of his back. This is evident whenever snowmobiles go by (I think the engine noise bothers his ears). His appetite is good, but food seems to come after everything else. Due to his activity level, I have to feed him “Performance” grade dog food to keep him in good weight. He does well on Iams High Performance (28% protein) and a regular worming schedule. His coat and muscle tone are excellent. At about a year old, Okihas’s eyes changed from silver to a very light gold. He is quite a natural hunter. I found the head, ears and some of the fur of an unfortunate cottontail rabbit who somehow got past the fence (this was swiftly followed by a special and rather expensive worming medication to prevent tapeworm, which is very prevalent in the local rabbit population). The starling flock has gone from 21 to 14 is the past several months. He doesn’t seem interested in the chickadees, and is happy to share his food with the local ravens and magpies (who are very large and healthy due to his generosity). Watching him stalk the starlings is fascinating. Slow motion doesn’t begin to describe his technique, and those birds don’t stand a chance when he takes a notion to add one to his diet. He’s also very quick. My goddaughter plays forward in soccer, and brings her ball when she comes to visit. He would be a world-class goalie. It is almost impossible for her to get the ball past him. Despite his high-energy outdoors, Okiha is very calm and well-behaved in the house and at the office. As you predicted, he does want to lick everyone. He understands a large human vocabulary, and is extremely comforting to my severely mentally ill patients. If I go to my Kremmling office without him, the first words out of everyone’s mouths are not “Hi, how are you?” but “Where’s Okiha?”. He loves to chew a huge Nylabone in the evenings. I’m glad, because it keeps his teeth clean. It seems this is always what he does right before going to sleep for the night. His jaw strength is amazing. If I get the one for “hard chewers” it lasts about 3 months. Okiha is very aware of what’s on TV. When a horse or donkey appears he demands to go outside and check on his friends. He is very attentive to programs on dogs, and likes to watch the Professional Bull Riders with me. If I am really insistent, he will stay at a down when I leave the room, but he really prefers to be with me. When we went on a hike with my goddaughter (a small 12-year old) he never left her side.

Needless to say, I carry him in my heart always. He is possessed of extraordinary heart and spirit.

I hope the New Year finds everyone at your place happy and healthy…sw

Susan M. Whitefeather, Ph.D.
Colorado Licensed Professional Counselor #55

shawnee and ahiga netherlands

dear kim , here a letter to thank you. For your believe in wendy and els.And send them the number for shawnee. Here some more pictures of her . she is a fine dog . So fine that we wanted a second dog. And that's ahiga . The decicion to want a second dog in the house is one of the best in my live. Now I do believe this is the best thing for a Indian Dog . They need company of another indian dog. For there mental health is that so much better. For us more work but for them more pleasure and more pleasure for the kids. Special ahiga he is great with kids. And shawnee learns this also from him . She is doing better with kids. She saw my oldest kid as a threath . I think it comes because shawnee was six months when my daughter was born. But now she sees that ahiga realy likes the kid and accept her , she also accept her. But the special clic he has with her ! Shawnee will never has that with her. But that is not important. Shawnee has that with my yongest daughter. Each dog has a special member in the household that they like So it's going very well over here. p.s. Ahiga is a real song dog each time the churchbells are going off, he starts to cry like a wolf. Like to hear something frome you.

greatings John and Sonja.

ps: Keep up the good work.

Dear Kim,

It is a sacred honor to be apart of the American Indian Dog lineage. They have an innate, natural quality that I have never felt from any other breed. All three have very distict, magical qualties. They all full of love, great with people, protectful of my property, and easily trainable. They are everything and more that you have said they are . . . It is truly a privelege to have them as companions. Thank you for your pioneering work to preserve a breed that hasn't had the innate wisdom bred out it. I am sure that many, many people will discover the magic of these dogs in the years to come, and be blessed by their healing presence. I am looking foward to my future journey with these 'spirit dogs'.

I took a look at that Northern lines. Suzy and I are open to whatever you decide. We would like a fourth pup whenever possible

I look foward to seeing how the Great Spirit will keep your journey with the spirit dogs alive.

Your Fellow Wayfarer,

Johnny in NY

We still can find remnants of the old dogs even today" - Kim
-----Original Message-----
From: Andrew Smyth
Sent: Sunday, May 30, 2004 10:23 PM
Subject: indian dog

Hi, I recently adopted a dog we found in real poor shape while we were visiting navajo land. we've been wondering about his heritage and seeing your has answered some questions.He's a beautiful dog, moreso after we got the 100 or so cockleburs out of his coat,alot of juniper sap ,and many dreadlocks. He's got an amazing coat with long hair and wool like undercoat. He was about 30 lbs or so just skin and bones, no energy , but very sweet. We named him Chinle and brought him home to Nor Cal. Its really been something getting to know this incrredible guy.I've never known a dog like him. He's so aware and seems like some special sort of being. I'm happy to report after about a month with Chinle he weighs about50 lbs. and is a different dog from the pittiful guy we saw in Az. I'm interested in knowing more about Chinle,
especially anything on relating and communicating with him. Like I said He's not like other dogs and traditional training methods seem lost on him.His intelligence and interest in what is going on is very apparent. I'm hopeful.He has come a long way already.
Thankyou for reading my email. peace to you- Andy

I think Kim is the only one who knows my story and how I picked Nakota
as my new breed of dog.

She has been with me for ten days and listen to this miracle story.

My parents live one mile from me and have helped take care of my dogs in
the past. After losing my three year old Golden to cancer, we were
afraid to get another dog until I read about Kim and his AI Dogs.

My Dad has been severely disabled from cancer treatments for a long
time. Mom has recently undergone heart and stroke problems so I had
mixed feelings about the pup

BUT>>>>>> On the day Nakota arrived, they anxiously awaited for my
return from DC with her.

Keep in mind that my Dad has barely left his chair in months. He sits
and demands attention and gets very bossy and nasty. In comes Nakota
and he is down on his knees on the floor peering into her crate and
talking to her. In this short ten days, he has been getting dressed
every day (a miracle), sitting outside, visiting his neighbors, and has
decided to do dishes and run the vacuum cleaner, all because of this
little girl that Kim picked for us.

I will always be greatful for Kim, his program, and Nakota Blue. My
Dad, by the way, is 80 years old.

Thank You again, Kim, for your insight and knowing just what to do even
though I fought you on it.

And thanks to all of you who have welcomed me.

Marty Mumma

Hi, those pictures are so cute! I remember going to Kim's, and seeing Luna
for the first time. We got her at 8 weeks. Now she's 7 months. Time goes by
fast! When did you first find out about A.I.D,s? I saw them in a magazine
and fell in love with the pic of the puppies! Luna is a real sweety, but
she still has her puppy moments! Right now she's at, What was I not suppose
to do? So she's testing us just like a kid! Her behavior and personality is
not like the other dogs I've had. Which makes it really interesting. Trying
at times,but thats alright. People's reaction to her is interesting. They
can't figure her out. Most get the coyote or Dingo. Wolf, fox. A cop in a
car stopped me and asked if she had Jackal in her. He kept asking me all the
questions about her He thought she was great. So, be prepared for questions!
Take care Jeannie and Luna

Owner's Opinions

Owner's Opinions
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