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Owner's Opinions
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Our dogs do sleep with us and have to be very close -- most of the time,
Shadow, our female is up against one of our backs. Willie sleeps close but
doesn't have to touch like Shadow.

They will take themselves out of a room for their own time but come to check
to make sure we're there.

We too worked full time but we walked the dogs before work and early evening. Our neighbors tease us that we don't get "time off." But the exercise is just as good for us! When we worked, the "kids" slept most of the time but I believe they can actually tell time. They would be downstairs in my husband's shop waiting by the door when they knew it was time for us to be home. They really are very incredible animals. They are like no dog you have ever owned -- they are very special. We don't support our animals being boarded out and don't feel comfortable with anyone being in our home and the dogs are wonderful travelers. Willie traveled from Michigan to Kim's ranch in Oregon to pick up Shadow and loves to travel. We stop often to stretch and walk the dogs when we travel so that has never been a problem. Believe it or not, Willie will actually pick up his empty
water dish when riding and bring it to the front to let us know he wants a drink!!!

There are many hotel/motels that welcome pets so that's not a problem

As far as checking and touching, yes they will come up, touch you and go back to whatever it was they were doing.

As far as closing the door to shower, sure you can do that because they know you're in there and are coming out! If Larry is working at his desk, Willie will sit under the desk and relax. If we're on the computer, they will lay under the computer desk -- just to be near.

They're fine if you're outside and they're inside for a while -- the key word there is "for a while." Willie has figured out how to scoot out the door before it closes so he can be out in the yard too!!

They are extremely agile. If they thought about it long enough, they would realize that they could leap over the fence and we have a five foot fence!! That's how agile they are. They are extremely fast!

They get along great with children. We have three grandchildren, one of which is just 5 weeks old. They were introduced to all of them when the kids were tiny and the dogs are extremely gentle with them. Willie likes to have his feet and legs massaged. If you sit down on the couch, he'll come over and give you his foot and knows enough to switch to get both done! I know you might think this could be a bunch of hogwash -- dogs just don't
behave like this but this is the truth. They are very very special and unique.

Even before we retired, we spent a lot of time with our dogs. These animals "just know" they are loved and are included in our everyday life with everything we do. We are leaving to take a ride to Texas and the minute they see our suitcases as well as theirs, they know they are going for a ride.

Again, they are a very unique animal and the experience of having them in our family has been and continues to be wonderful. Kim asked Larry to take Willie to New York to be on the Today Show a couple of years ago and the animal psychologist that interviewed them could not believe how special and unique the breed was and how well behaved he was.

Some of the other members of our group will also address some of your questions. Like I've said many times, this breed is not for everyone but I wouldn't be without them. Their life expectancy is longer than the "normal" dog and that is wonderful! They might outlive us!!!!!!

Hope this isn't too confusing or overwhelming for you. I just think you should be aware of all aspects of the breed. Kim has done a remarkable job with this breed and I know for sure I speak on behalf of all of us when we thank him. Without his dedication and love of the animals, the AID would not be!! Saving this breed has been his life -- and he has performed it well!!!

See what happens when you ask just a simple question -- it causes us to give a lengthy answer!!!

Larry & Judy Germane,
Mich.area A.I.Dog Rep.

Hi Kim, it's Tristan. I am just writing to keep in touch and let you know how the pup is doing. Fiona has been spayed and given all of her required vaccinations. At only nine months she is the most well ballanced and good natured dog I have ever known. She listens better than any of her older dog friends. She behaves like a well disciplined adult when needed and acts with the enthusiasm and energy of a child when it is time to play. I
can't thank you enough for keeping this amazing breed of animal alive and flourishing. This dog has exceeded all of my expections. She is compassionate, curious, intelligent, and amazingingly attentive. I hope you have a good winter season and please feel free to email me anytime. I seldom use the computer but I will be sure to keep in touch.

Im Bernice, I have a 6 month old AID. Her name is Chenoa. She is definitly high enrgy. We go outside and we play ball and frisbee and she plays with the AID behind us (Hunter). As long as she gets enough serious running at least 1 hour a day and some other light playing in the house or a long walk shes pretty calm indoors. But on the days I work 12 hours and she does not get enouigh exercise I can hear her all night long playing. Despite the high energy level I do not in any way regret my decision to get an AID. Chenoa is a great companion. She is very loving and can already read my moods. She is very intuitive and intelligent. Of all the dogs I had a as a child and an adult Chenoa is the most unique in personality and looks and the most loving dog. I would never trade her
for a calmer dog. The energy is part of the personality of the breed. It makes them what they are. Everyone who meets her loves her and comments on what a sweet personality she has. Even my vet made that comment. I don't know if I would ever own another breed now that I have an AID. BUT they are high energy.


Dear Mr. LaFlamme,

After researching several different web sites, including one with Native American Indian Dogs and one with North American Indians Dogs, I find that the whole concept of the American Indian Dog can be quite confusing. Do to the extensive research you have done, you're site seemed to be the most reputable. I appreicate the fact that you seem to care enough about the breed to take the time to educate people about the facts of owning such
an animal. Other web sites appear to sell their dogs to any Joe who is willing to pay the price. One even stated "anyone can own a Native American Indian Dog." That frightened me. I like the idea that you are so careful in your selection of potential homes for your pups. Other breeds have become so commerical and interbred that the world now has to put them down or create animal recues to handle the overflow.

I am of Native American descent and my childhood has been filled with Indian lore, books and pictures. I was trilled to see pictures of dogs on your website that look exactly like the ones in my old picture books.

I have spent a lifetime looking for the ideal breed of dog that I feel suits me as an individual. I currently have two dogs, both rescued from the pound, that I adore fully. One was advertised as a Siberian Husky-Shepard Cross. She was small and lean, around 55 pounds. She looks very similar to the picure of your Apache. (same markings with blue eyes) Over the past year, she has grown taller and heavier, weighing out at 90 pounds now. The vet told me she was a wolf-hybrid. I was angry, because I also do not condone wolf dogs or the such. I was amazed that the Humane Society had no idea what they had on their hands. She is a beautiful dog and I am committed to her until the day she passes on, but she is definitely independent and sometimes very defiant, not to mention that 90 lbs. is a little too much dog for my liking. My other Siberian Cross is smaller, weighing in at around 45 lbs. Just enough dog for me.

I know I will someday be interested in pursuing the companionship of an American Indian Dog, and I would like to further my research with the books you recommed on your website. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see where I could order them. Please e-mail me at ------

Keep up the outstanding work of preserving an American legend. Apache is beautiful and the little cream Sky Dancer pleased me also. I will be eagerly awaiting your reply.

Thank you.
Stephanie, MN


Owner's Opinions

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