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I am writing to you all the way from Belgium!

First of all, I really want to tell you how much I respect your work!!!!!

We have been in contact with Yvon in the Netherlands (lovely people by the way), and have asked them to put us on the waiting list for a pup or for an American Indian Dog that needs a new home.

Our family consists of : my husband and me, 4 (as natureloving as us) children, 1 "purebred" Australian Cattledog, 1 (mixed) cattledog (who is as lovely as the purebred!!!), 5 horses (2 Appaloosas, 1 Arabian, 1 NewForestpony, 1 Shetlandpony), chickens, rabbits, etc.

We would love to have an American Indian Dog, and we really do not have the intention of becoming a breeder, there are enough miserable animals in the shelters already! Yvon has put us on the list, and we hope we will be able to welcome an AID into our family within approximitaly 2 years.

Your horses do fascinate us as well ! I must say that I am glad there is somebody out there doing his best to preserve all of this !!!!

Earth needs more people like you !!!

This was really all I wanted to let you know. Please keep this good work going !

Greetings from Belgium!

With much respect !

Sabine Van Vlaslaer

Dear Sir,

In reply, sorry we have no pictures. Yes my Gfather's dogs looked just like your short haired dogs. It is the eyes, my Dad adopted a wolf hybrid thinking he would get the same type of dog, boy was he wrong. Mickey was black and tan, same size, but the temperment is the wonderful part. These dogs are loyal. I will be calling as soon as I can give a moving date. Lots to do here. My Gfather would let me stay with him when Sherry had her pups, they always found good homes. The farmers in our area always wanted them. But finding one here is impossible. The dogs were interbred with local dogs. The wonderful part is gaining back some of my past. Sherry was almost white. They were perfect indoors or out. Except for Mickey's fondness for vanilla wafer cookies, btw were kept in a depression glass cookie jar (Mickey's jar), he got a little over weight. Thank you for your kind reply. I will be getting in touch with you on our way over and up there.

Sincerely, Melanie Jarvis

Arlene and Kim,

Just a quick note to tell you that Cisco is doing fine. We thought we were getting this rugged outdoors dog. Well he is a creature of comfort. It's amazing how he has settled into the lap of luxury. Sleeps under the ceiling fan during the hot days and moves the pillows on the office couch to make a comfortable bed during the day in the office. He loves to greet the clients and is also doing well with obedience training (sometimes when he want to). Our trainer is amazed at how smart he is, but says he really has a mind of his own.

Last night I was quite confused when I was walking him in the backyard as I thought I saw him at the edge of the property. Then I realized he was next to me on the leash. I then saw two Cisco's out in the back. Turns out our fox is back with two pups. They look just like Cisco when they sit still in the back of the property. I guess he's got a lot of his father Rusty in him. I was amazed at how much their movements are alike when they ran into the woods.

Thanks again for Cisco. He is a great family dog. What a personality. Everyone loves him!

Ruthanne Corazzini

Dear Kim,
It has been a year to the day since we picked out this dog we named Tassa from your litter of pups. I still remember standing with her in my arms for a good length of time while we all spoke about dogs and things. She was calm and quiet but I wanted a brown male and she was a black female. I cannot begin to tell you of the joy she has been. She is a year and two months, weighs 48-49 lbs. She is still black with the white diamond shape on her chest but has developed a bit of brownish tinge in her hair tips. She is a smart dog. She is independent
but ours. She has a great disposition with other dogs being submissive and just wanting to play. She doesn't bark much and is inquisitive. She has the most gentle way of taking offerings from your hands. She also makes the coolest sounds, not barking but I'm sure you know what I am talking about. I know you have heard a lot of accolades before about your pups but we
wanted to let you know that this pup we got from you is exceptional. Thank you for your carefulness, tenderness and loving of your dogs.

Tamara and Scott Hennessy

Hi everyone,

I just had to take a moment to brag about Kowi. I signed him up for a little dog show that was put on by our town and the local pet store. I was planning on just doing the obedience portion, but ended up doing the agility competition as well.

He had never done anything like it before. I ran him through the course two times for practice and he caught on SO fast. It really was amazing. He had to go through a tunnel, do jumps, weave in and out of cones, climb a wall..........He really even surprised ME!

He was about the 10th dog who went. I swear, he was checking out the competition. He sat very intently and watched the other dogs do the course. I could tell he was thinking............I can do that better!

When it was his turn, he did AMAZING! He was all business and you could just tell he wanted to win!


How amazing is that? The people who ran the show couldn't believe how fast he caught on. They also couldn't believe he was only nine months old! Everyone there told me what a natural he is!

Well, thanks for listening........I had to brag about my boy!

Janet & Kowi


Owner's Opinions

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